Monday, June 06, 2005

Mr. Right, Not Mr. Right-Now

What kind of man WOULD make me happy? I mean seriously no more rolling the dice, I think I need to be a little more specific. So let's try this shall we?

  2. Knows his self worth - not cocky, but doesn't allow people take advantage
  3. Has manners - Uh very self explanatory
  4. Independent - doesn't need to be with a girl
  5. Good with money management - won't grub money and looks to his future
  6. Sense of style - I won't be dressing him
  7. Romantic - just enough, not over the top
  8. Looks great in jeans - needs a nice hiney HOLLA!
  9. Treats me good - Makes sure my needs are being met, it isn't all about me pleasing him
  10. Lives alone/on his own - no mommy bullshit
  11. Loves his mom and demonstrates that - you can always tell a good guy from the way he treats his mom
  12. Likes to travel - because I need to see the world
  13. Considers me his friend, not just his girlfriend - he values my opinion and turns to me for strength and guidance
  14. Can see me as one of the guys when hanging - we can pal around with everyone, its not just me and him secluded in a corner
  15. Loves to surprise me - I LOVE surprises because that means he was thinking about me when I wasn't around
  16. He isn’t all about money - making money isn't the world to him
  17. He isn’t a cheapskate penny pincher - he enjoys the nicer things in life
  18. Enjoys life and sees the irony in situations out of his control - can take a step back even when things get tough and find the good in all
  19. Easy going - Isn't up my butt or anyone else's for that fact
  20. He knows when to let things go - he won't obsess about things out of his control
  21. Loves my family - because they kick ass like that
  22. Thinks I’m wonderful - displays that by his affection toward me
  23. Talks to me about issues and is open - see #13
  24. Open minded - doesn't necessarily see the glass as half empty or half full but awaits the situational facts
  25. Can go to the museum - he has to have some sort of culture or appreciation of it
  26. He reads books – newspapers and magazines don’t count
  27. Supports my decisions even if he doesn’t always agree 100% - knows that I have to fall down sometimes too
  28. Tall – at least taller than me
  29. Good Kisser - uh yeh, can't express this one enough either because I'm a smoocher
  30. Likes to kiss me and be affectionate in public - won't shy away from me like I have a disease
  31. Manly - can use a drill instead of leaving it all up to me, even though I LOVE TOOLS
  32. Likes to be outdoors - Won't spend the weekend couped up in the house
  33. Likes sports: hockey, baseball and football - because I can't live without sports
  34. Likes going to sporting events - because I can't live without sports
  35. Puts me in my place when I go overboard - I can be a typical broad, he has to be able to deal
  36. Knows when to hug me - When I get crazy, the easiest way to shut me up is hug me - I'm easy
  37. Makes a good living - can support himself and if we ever had a family, money wouldn't be an issue
  38. Loves to see me smile and won’t hesitate to tell me that - My smile is infectious
  39. Healthy - he takes care of himself, I don't have to do all the worrying
  40. Non-smoker - Kissing a smoker is disgusting
  41. Non-drinker – social drinking ok - have you READ my blog?
  42. No drugs - Have you read my blog?
  43. Knows how to be quiet - Can give me that alone time without yapping in my ear
  44. Let’s me decompress - Sometimes I need alone time to relax and get back to normal
  45. Can enjoy a moment of silence - He doesn't feel the need to fill silence with loud music, a loud TV or yap in my ear if we are experiencing something special
  46. He recognizes a special moment and allows it to happen - these are few and far between
  47. He cherishes the special moments as much as I do - I hate being the only one to recognize
  48. Animal friendly - I have dogs, 'nuff said
  49. Can appreciate time apart but still longs to be with me - abstance makes the heart grow fonder
  50. He’s a little old fashioned but not pretentious - This kind of goes with the manners thing
  51. Wants to make one of my dreams come true -I have a WHOLE list
  52. Is willing to try something new for me despite the fact he may abhor it - this goes back to an open mind - he doesn't pre-judge
  53. Doesn’t work for the same company as me - have you read my blog?
  54. Although he might not like my music, leaves me alone about it - I hate when people comment on my taste - screw you, its my taste, not yours
  55. He can say no - Puts me in my place when I'm a brat
  56. He knows when to say yes - sometimes giving into the brat is a good thing
I don't think I'm asking for anything truly hard - I want someone normal. Not some animal, guido reject that frequents the Northern New Jersey area. A good boy who comes from the same family values I do. I want the love and affection that I grew up with. I know not everyone was blessed to grow up with two parents who still love one another, but even so, I don't need baggage, I need common sense.

Notice looks weren't a priority anywhere? Because although it matters a little, it isn't that big of a deal. Being a combination of the things listed above puts a guy right in the thick of it with me. Making me laugh is more sexy than any pose a model can give. I've had crushes on guys who aren't the best looking, but that's because they can make me laugh and I feel good when I am around them. Its his ability to make me feel light, cared for, attended to, loved that will make him number 1 in my book, not his looks. Both my Ex-husband and Ted were very good looking, but they lacked these fundamental traits. I was blind. I will date again, but this time with my eyes open. He doesn't have to be EVERYTHING on my list because he can exceed it by possessing traits that I didn't know I wanted. I'm sure as time goes on I'll have more to add, but for now, this about sums it up.


Matt said...

Well if nothing else, at least you know what you want out of a guy... But I'd refrain from bringing a checklist on your dates!

"sorry, Bill, you're a nice guy and all, but you only met 13 of the guidelines, and that's not a passing score... sorry, dude"


Meredith said...

Matt, that was funny. Thanks bro.

Anne Arkham said...

I love #8: has to look good in jeans. I love a guy in jeans.