Thursday, June 09, 2005

Matt Lauer, this is for you, It's PotPourri Thursday

Today is going to be good for blogging. I've already posted once, but I have so much to say because my life really is crazy. Plus I'm covering for someone else today in my department and there just isn't too much to do, so ya all are going to have to deal.

Last night I thought I needed to calm down and blow off a little steam so I headed over to the company's co-ed softball game. Before this year I played for the team for 5 years - two of which I was assistant coach. We had a blast and it was always a booze fest. The second year I played, there were always 4 of us left standing/boozing at the end of the night. We dubbed ourselves "The Boozers." These were some of the best times I've ever had. So carefree and fun we all were. We also are the reigning champions 3 years in a row. GO US!

This year due to some back issues and my issues with Ted I decided not to play. I'm sorry I did that, but next year I'll be back and better than ever. Anyway, where was I? Oh right, so I hung out and had a few and blew off some steam. It was a good time. Some of the members from the other team hung out with us, one of which I had my eye on for some time. Woohoo, if I was in a better state of mind I could of tore it up, but here's where it gets funny, well maybe not that funny.

This guy comes over and starts talking to me. He's about 6'4", very handsome, very tan (which was odd because its only June 8th) and muscular. I'm checking him out and I realize he has no hair on his body. Legs, arms, chest - all bare. Sorry, I need a little manliness - strike one. I need to know the guy has hit puberty. But then we all run out of beer and I suggest that we go to the OL (local bar). He's the first one to chime in "I'll go. I'll go." Now no one else has said anything so I'm thinking "Dude I'm in like Flynn." We get to talking a little more and our ages come up - he's ONLY 24!!!!! I instinctively (I know this is rude) said out loud, "Oh that's so sad." I giggled and I turned my back and started talking to someone else.

Ok, don't lecture me, I already know that was mean. But after he left one of his teammates told me that he has a girlfriend anyway. Plus when he drinks he drinks like an amateur. He gets retarded and well, BEEN THERE, DONE THAT.

Tonight I have a going away party and then I'm headed to meet up with the team to get my drink on. Hopefully I'll have some good stories.

Talk to you later. Miss me!


Matt said...

Damn... lookitdat! I'm famous!

Having breakdowns can be good by the way... I try to have one at least once a week! :)

And as for psychic... what am I doing right now, huh, huh, huh???

Meredith said...

Calling me out huh? My vibes are saying that you just ate, you're tired and now you're cruising the net. Oh no wait, that's me.

Matt said...

Actually I ate at 11:30... but I AM tired AND cruising the net avoiding any resemblance of a hard working man!